I thought of home

Parul Sondh

Video Grabs from an ongoing video art project exploring memory through form and texture.

My earliest memory of home isn’t a specific physicality but a feeling. Being from a military family, the one constant was movement – every three years. I have lived in many different cities all over India, shifted countries for education; work and now, I live in Paris, France.
When you move so much, home is no longer physical, made of walls or boundaries. It’s no longer defined by the amount of time spent or resided in.
It becomes a feeling, infusing warmth, safety, and nostalgia – at least for me.
Through this artwork, I have tried to explore that feeling – one winter morning, looking at the mist enveloping the trees around, I thought of home.

Parul Sondh is an award winning Indian Production Designer working across Films and Advertising.
​Parul loves textures, details, creating new worlds and telling stories through her work.